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Whether you have a fancy Motorola Edge 40 Pro or a budget-friendly Moto G, you’re likely looking forward to the next version of Android. And while the Android 15 beta is in full swing after kicking off in February, the Motorola Android 15 update won’t start until later this year. Here’s what you need to know.

Currently, the Android 15 beta is available on select Pixel phones, the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open, and a few others, with more on the way. Motorola’s first phone to get the update will likely be the new Moto Razr 50 and Edge 50-series, then slowly trickle down to other models.

Which Motorola Phones Will Get Android 15 (And Some That Won’t)

Moto Razr 40 in three colors

Yes, Motorola still makes phones, and they’re pretty great. Like most manufacturers, Motorola hasn’t shared a detailed list of which devices will see Android 15 (or Hello UI 2), but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good idea of what to expect. In fact, the company is still busy trying to finish its Android 14 updates and is also working on the next release.

Motorola recently changed its update policy to better compete with Samsung and OnePlus. Those with select high-end and mid-range devices should get three major Android OS updates, while entry-level phones like the Moto G may only get one. For what it’s worth, Google and Samsung now offer seven years of updates.

That said, here’s an unofficial list of Motorola phones that should potentially get Android 15 later this year or in 2025:

  • Moto Edge 50 Pro, Edge 50 Ultra, Edge 50 Fusion
  • Moto Razr 50, Razr 50 Ultra
  • Moto Edge 40, Edge 40 Pro, Edge 40 Neo
  • Moto Razr 40, Razr 40 Ultra
  • Moto Edge (2023), Edge+ (2023), Moto Edge 30 Ultra
  • Motorola Lenovo ThinkPhone
  • Moto G (2024), Moto G Power (2024), Moto G Stylus 5G (2024)
  • Moto G54, G64, G73, G84

Unfortunately, you probably noticed many phones missing from that list. As many owners know, Motorola doesn’t have the best track record regarding software upgrades. Unless something changes, we’re not anticipating updates for devices like the Moto Razr (2023) or any phone released before 2023. Models like the 2023 Moto G 5G, Stylus, etc., are likely too old to get Android 15.

What to Expect from Android 15

Spaceship blasting off into space as an Android robot watches.
Joe Fedewa / How-To Geek | DALL-E 3

For those with the aforementioned devices, the update to Android 15 will deliver a slew of exciting new features and tweaks from Google, along with changes from Motorola itself. Considering Google is still beta testing the software and that Hello UI is new, we don’t know much yet.

First, this update should include all sorts of AI smarts from Google. Then, Motorola will likely make changes to the user interface, clocks, widgets, and its iOS-like control panel in Hello UI.

As for Android 15, look for Google’s new private space feature, improved security, satellite connectivity support, and battery life improvements. Google’s new notification cooldown system looks promising, as does the partial screen-sharing feature. Then, we’ll get better anti-theft protection, better passkeys support, and more. Google is still finalizing Android 15, but we’ll know more later this summer.

When Will Motorola Release Android 15?

The front and back sides of the 2024 Moto Edge.

Now, for the million-dollar question: When will Motorola release Android 15? Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s website only mentions Android 14, which is slowly rolling out to compatible phones. Yes, it’s July 2024, and Motorola is still trying to get Android 14 on some of its flagship high-end models.

Google will likely release Android 15 in August or early September, but we don’t expect Motorola to update even its most recent smartphones until late December or sometime in 2025. Once things start, it’ll slowly hit older devices throughout the first 3-6 months of next year.

For comparison, all of Samsung’s newer phones received an update within a few months, and even the aging Samsung Galaxy S21 (released in 2021) received Android 14 back in January. Motorola isn’t known for timely software updates, so we have nothing concrete to report here. Considering Moto recently announced plans to support newer phones for three years, we could get faster updates than in the past, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Remember, things can and often do change. The devices and dates listed above are only estimates. Furthermore, you can expect some variances or delays in arrival between different regions or carriers. Either way, Android 15 is almost done and will be coming to select Motorola phones.