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How To: Save Snapchats on Android Without Being Detected (No Root Required)

While screenshotting a received Snapchat has never been a hard thing to do, saving one without being noticed is a completely different story. Previously, you would have to have either a rooted Android or jailbroken iOS device to save one of those self-destructing messages undetected, but one particular app has opened this trick up to the masses.

SaveMySnaps, a free app for any Android device by developer Liam Cottle, makes it super easy for anyone, rooted or non-rooted, to save Snaps on the down-low. There are many reasons for wanting to save a Snap undetected, some hilarious, some malicious, but to play it safe, I recommend letting your Snapchat friends in on the action, too. It’s only fair.

NOTE: SaveMySnaps is no longer available, but you can try out the developer’s other app, Casper, to save Snapchats. You will need to have “Unknown sources” enabled to install it.

Login & Get Comfortable with the Layout

The app requires users to login with their Snapchat credentials, and like Snapchat, SaveMySnaps has the same basic interface and pages: Snaps, Camera, Stories, and Friends, making it familiar and easy to navigate.

Save Snapchat Images & Stories Undetected

In order save a snap, make sure that it was not opened in the original Snapchat app on your device. If it was, it’s already gone, as you would probably expect.

In SaveMySnap, open the as-yet-unseen Snap by tapping it (no holding down is required), then hit the circle on the top right and select Save. There are also other actions from this dialog, as you can see below.

One of the most important ones is Mark Viewed. If you don’t eventually tap this option, your sender will never know that you viewed the pic. And if you’re feeling kindhearted, you can also choose Mark Screenshot to let them know that you did, in fact, save the image.

Choose Your Auto-Save Options

Under the app’s settings, you can choose from a number of auto-save options, making the process of saving virtually effortless. Images and videos will be saved under a new SaveMySnaps album where they can be easily viewed.

Removing Ads from SaveMySnaps

SaveMySnaps is ad-supported, but you can remove them through an in-app purchase of $3.50. It’s a bit pricey, but if you hate ads and love saving Snapchats, it might just be worth it.

The one downside I see with this app, aside from the ads, is that you have to sign back in to Snapchat anytime you use SaveMySnaps. Aside from that, and the fact that there is no chat support, this application works as advertised and does it without needing root access.

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