As streaming prices continue to climb, viewers are desperate to find discounted subscription bundles and other offers. Verizon is taking advantage of the situation by extending its $10 myPlan streaming perks to Home Internet customers.

All Verizon Home Internet customers can now access myHome perks, which mirror the myPlan add-ons that are already available to the carrier’s cellular customers. It’s a pretty simple idea—sign up for services like Netflix or Disney+ through Verizon, and you’ll get a nice monthly discount.

To keep everything as straightforward as possible, each Verizon myHome perk costs just $10 a month. And there’s no limit on the number of perks you can redeem at once.

The following streaming perks are now available to Verizon Home Internet customers:

  • Netflix and Max (With Ads): $10 a month ($6.98 in monthly savings)
  • The Disney Bundle: $10 a month ($8.99 in monthly savings)
  • Walmart+ and Paramount+: $10 a month ($2.95 in monthly savings)
  • YouTube Premium: $10 a month ($3.99 in monthly savings)
  • Apple One: Coming to myHome later this year.
  • Apple Music Family: Coming to myHome later this year.

These $10 perks can be removed or re-added to your account at any time. So, if you want to cancel the Netflix and Max add-on for a few months, you’re free to do so.

Verizon says that myHome customers won’t be hit by any “unexpected price hikes,” though the company’s 2-4 year price guarantee (which I can’t find outside of the Home Internet signup page) is full of concessions that could allow for future changes in pricing. As always, you should keep your guard up when dealing with carriers. They are habitual tricksters.

Along with the new myHome offering, Verizon is ditching its classic checkmark logo in favor of a more modern, minimal logo (seen above). My coworkers immediately compared it to the Netflix logo, which appears to be the basic idea behind this rebrand—Verizon wants to be associated with entertainment and streaming. It’s a sensible concept, as the streaming perks offered in myHome and myPlan are comparable to the cable television bundles of the past.

myHome perks are now available to all Verizon Home Internet customers in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a Fios, 5G, or LTE plan—they’re all eligible.

Source: Verizon