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Installing the right apps is important to unlock the true potential of your Samsung Galaxy phone. From improving your photos and managing your smart home to tracking your devices and securing sensitive apps with a lock, here are some must-have apps for every Samsung Galaxy phone owner.

1 Galaxy Enhance-X

The Galaxy Enhance-X app is an AI-powered tool for editing media on your Samsung Galaxy phone. It leverages advanced AI techniques to remove imperfections, add creative edits, and refine images and videos to deliver higher-quality results. The best part? You can achieve all this with just a few taps.

Whether you want to remove unwanted blur, harsh shadows, and reflections from photos, brighten low-light images, or clean up lines and patterns from pictures of digital displays, Galaxy Enhance-X has you covered. The app saves both the original and edited versions of your media in the gallery so you can easily access and compare the improvements made.

Download: Galaxy Enhance-X

2 Samsung Find

Samsung Find is a handy app that helps you locate misplaced Galaxy devices. Add the device to the app, and it will show the exact address of your smartphone, tablet, watch, or even your S Pen. With its offline finding feature, you can locate devices even if they aren’t connected to a network, as long as they are powered on.

The app also allows you to track SmartTags or other compatible trackers attached to your belongings. It displays the approximate location to help you find lost items. Additionally, you can share your location with trusted people, enabling them to find you in a crowded place or track your location during off-road adventures.

If you misplace a device at home, you can ring it, causing the device to sound at full volume for one minute, even if it’s set to vibrate or mute. If your device is lost, you can lock the screen to protect your data and finances. You can also remotely erase the data to safeguard your confidential information from potential theft.

Download: Samsung Find

3 Smart Tutor

If you wish to receive technical assistance from a Samsung representative in the comfort of your home without needing to visit a service center, install the Smart Tutor app. To get remote assistance, call the service center, request a remote assistance session, and enter the six-digit code they provide to let the expert connect to your phone.

Once connected, your phone’s screen is shared with Samsung’s support team, enabling them to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in real-time. This approach helps resolve issues faster than visiting a service center in person. You can also ask the expert to optimize your phone’s performance or provide details about features you’re unsure about.

You can monitor the actions taken by the support person during the session, and the app automatically restricts access to sensitive information in apps like Gallery, Messages, and Email. While this type of assistance is generally safe, it’s important to be aware that you are granting someone else access to your phone.

Download: Smart Tutor

4 Camera Assistant

The Camera Assistant app introduces a range of new settings and features within your camera app. These include zoom shortcuts for quick access and Auto HDR, which enhances details in both bright and dark areas of your photos. Additionally, there’s a picture softening feature that smooths edges and textures.

Auto lens switching is another useful feature that selects the best lens based on zoom level, lighting conditions, and distance. Distortion correction corrects any bowing lines in your photos, while adaptive pixel technology reduces noise in low-light shots. The app allows you to upscale digital zoom to maintain resolution and provides a quick tap shutter for instant captures.

Overall, these additional settings unleash the full potential of the high-megapixel camera on your Galaxy phone.

Download: Camera Assistant

5 App Lock

App Lock is a convenient application that allows you to secure apps installed on your phone with a simple tap. You can lock apps using a fingerprint, a PIN code, or a screen lock pattern. The app also features a Vault option that enables you to password-protect your private photos and videos.

Once hidden, this private media disappears from the gallery and can only be accessed by entering a password within the app. One particularly useful feature is the app’s ability to capture photos of anyone who enters the wrong password. This allows you to identify unauthorized attempts to access your phone when it’s not in your possession.

Additionally, App Lock offers various intuitive themes that you can use to customize your phone’s Lock Screen according to your preferences.

Download: App Lock

6 Samsung Global Goals

Samsung has launched the Samsung Global Goals app to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals encompass 17 global challenges, such as poverty, inequality, climate change, justice, and more. This app educates and encourages users to contribute to achieving these important global objectives.

To get involved, download the app on your phone and earn money by viewing ads displayed within it or on the lock screen. You can accumulate these earnings and choose to donate them to your preferred SDGs. Samsung manages the donation process to the United Nations Development Program on your behalf, making a meaningful impact on lives worldwide.

In addition to earning through ads, the app enables users to pledge a donation amount and challenge friends to match it, fostering collective support for causes that matter to both you and your friends. You can also opt for various subscription options where you commit to donating a specific amount each month.

Download: Samsung Global Goals

These are some of the top apps that every Samsung Galaxy smartphone owner should explore at least once. If you haven’t tried them yet, give them a shot to see how useful they can be. Share your favorites with friends and family. Note that some of these apps include advertisements, so expect occasional interruptions.