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How to Unlock High Impedance Mode on Your LG V20 for Amazing Sound

The LG V20 went on sale on September 29, 2016, and is the second flagship phone in the V series to be released by LG. Both the V20 and its predecessor, the V10, have been audio-oriented phones from the start, but the V20 has a much nicer Hi-Fi Quad 32-Bit DAC, which makes the output audio from the 3.5 mm headphone jack sound amazing. It’s loud, it’s crisp, it’s full, and everything from the higher frequencies to the lower ones can be heard.

The V20’s DAC is intelligent, so the audio signal it sends out will vary depending on the connected headphones. In other words, unless you have a pair of headphones that cost about as much as the phone, the audio quality won’t be at its maximum potential. This isn’t something that would make many people happy, especially since the phone itself costs around $800. You paid for the phone, you should get to use all of it, right?

Not to worry, there is a simple way to force the Quad 32-Bit DAC to completely kick in every time you connect any pair of headphones to it. Developer DTDMike over on XDA came up with the idea, though his original mod no longer works. So I did some tinkering and updated the mod to get it working on the latest firmware versions available for the V20, which means we can now enjoy high impedance mode at all times.


Step 1: Download the Modified XML File

This mod works by replacing a system audio configuration file with a modified version. So to start, tap the following link to grab the file.

Step 2: Back Up Your Stock XML File

Next, open your root file explorer of choice and navigate to the /system/etc folder from the root partition of your device. From here, find the mixer_paths_tasha.xml file and copy it to a location on your SD card as a back up in case you ever want to revert the mod.

Step 3: Move the Modified XML File

From here, head to your Download folder, then copy the modified XML file and paste it into the /system/etc folder. You’ll be asked if you want to replace the existing file with the same name, say yes.

Step 4: Reboot & Enjoy

When you’re done there, go ahead and reboot your phone. When you get back up, connect your favorite headphones to enjoy the night-and-day difference in sound quality! It’s worth noting that the V20 won’t say that it’s in High Impedance Mode if you go to the DAC settings, but you’ll be able to tell that it is from the sound coming out of your headphones.

Be sure to let us know how well this mod worked for you in the comment section below, and share your thoughts on the difference in audio quality. Do be careful though, the volume will get loud, and not all headphones are capable of handling such high levels.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Kevin M./Gadget Hacks



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